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Information Technology In Business

This site is about quality

Quality that results from effective requirements management, the utilization of good processes and good craftsmanship.

On this web site you will find the characteristics of quality elements and appropriate measures.

Quality = ( Conformance * Customer Satisfaction * Craftsmanship )
Conformance to agreed specifications, with zero defects, and exceeding customer expectations

Defining quality is one thing, but achieving quality is quite a different story. A few practical principles have proven to be priceless:

  • early and continuous confrontation (by means of reviews, inspections, walkthroughs, Failure Mode and Effective Analysis, pair reviews, desk checks), to ask ourselves the same questions over and over again: have I made myself clear? do I understand the problem? Did I get the message? Yes, I hear you; Yes, I understand you; Yes, I agree with you; Can you please summarize what was said?

  • Anticipating Development (get to know your direct stakeholders and their needs, determine your own needs and deliver what is needed, no more, no less) 

  • determine the risks (identify and name the risks, ask questions like: Do I know what it is about? Do I understand the cause? Is there a known solution? Do I know the impact of the solution?) and decide to take some (No pain, no gain; If there is no risk, there is no reason to run a project, so why should you bother?)

  • how to handle the 3 worlds at the same time?

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3 Worlds


Page updated: 21-Oct-2012