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Process Improvement Approach

To position Process Improvement it is important to understand its context.
In general, the processes exist to support the product or services architectures. Just as the organization is designed to support the processes. The following diagram depicts this hierarchy.

hierarchy Product or Service The Architecture must fit the Product / Service. The Processes support the Architecture. The Organization is designed to support the Processes. The competences and skills of People required to serve the Organization. The Tools must fit the needs of the People.

Properties and Features characterize a Product or a Service.
The Product/Service Architecture must fit these characteristics by means of identifying functional, logical and physical coherence and dependencies. The Architecture also documents decisions taken at the appropriate levels.
Processes must be designed to accommodate the Architecture-driven requirements. In their turn the Processes require a certain
organization to fulfil the Processes' needs. E.g. if at enterprise level has been decided to outsource all development activities, the development processes will also be outside the enterprise boundaries. Instead, an organizational entity will exist to manage the outsourcing activities.
People will be sought to fulfil the needs of the Organization. And last-but-not-least Tools (if required) must fit the needs of the People.


Process Improvement Areas
IT Governance, Product Development, Service Management.

Supported Models

The following models are supported:

  • Cobit
  • ISO 9000
  • IS0 16949
  • APQP
  • ISO 15288
  • SE Bok
  • CMMI
  • SPiCE
  • ITIL
ISO 9000
ISO 16949
ISO 15288
System Engineering Book of Knowledge
Capability Maturity Model Integrated.

SPiCE (ISO/IEC 15504)

ISO/IEC 15504 also known as SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) is a "framework for the assessment of processes" developed by the Joint Technical Subcommittee between ISO and IEC.

ISO/IEC 15504 & HIS
Information Technology Infrastructure Library


Page updated: 28-Mar-2009