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Information Technology In Business

Steve McConnell Tom Gilb Edsger Wybe Dijkstra David H. Maister Steven Covey Philip Crosby W. Edwards Deming Suzanne Robertson

CONST Construx; Consulting Software Projects Training; Steve McConnell
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CROS1979 Philip Crosby, Quality is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain
CROSBY Philip M. Crosby - General Information
DEM1982 W. Edwards Deming; Out of the Crisis; 1982; Cambridge University Press
DEMING W. Edwards Deming - General Information
DIJKSTRA Edger Wybe Dijkstra; 
GILB1988 Tom Gilb; Principles of Software Engineering Management; 1988; Addison-Wesley
GILB1993 Tom Gilb; Dorothy Graham; Software Inspection; 1993; Addison Wesley
GILB2005 Tom Gilb; Competitive Engineering; 2005; Elsevier
JURA1988 Joseph Juran & Frank Gryna; Juran's  Quality Control Handbook; 1988; Mcgraw-Hill
JURAN Joseph Juran - General Information 
MAIS1993 David H. Maister; Managing the professional Service Firm; 1993; The Free Press
ROB2006 Suzanne & James Robertson - Mastering the Requirements Process, 2nd Edition; 2006; Addison-Wesley



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