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Information Technology In Business
    Concepts - 3 Worlds      

In practice, the virtual world of specifications and reports is often confused with the actual situation in the Real World. On this page the concept of having 3 different worlds is discussed.




Virtual World
In the virtual world all ideas, specifications, plans, guidelines reside. All of which are abstractions, reflections, intentions or perceptions of things that will, should or are done. This not only covers what, but also how these things are (expected to be) done.

World of Actions
This is where the action is. All activities that add value to the product, directly (such as programming, construction, and integration) but also indirectly (e.g. develop specifications and plans).

Real World
Ultimately, this is what it is all about. Add value to those that are willing to pay for it as efficiently as possible. In this context different scopes exist: the scope of the individual developer who produces code. Things that exist in the real world can be examined either by their physical presence or by their behavior. 



"Requirements are free" (C. Michielsen). In many organizations costs are associated with requirements, however the solutions that implement requirements should have costs and risks associated to them. 




Page updated: 20-Feb-2009